June 19, 2019

Consult Expert Locksmith Technicians for Lock Installation and Replacement

Homeowners are not only the victim of a break-in, but business owners are also cursed with this crime, and sometimes it can be much more harmful than your home. For many criminals, an office tends to be a profitable option than a home.

Dealing with a commercial break-in is a lot more complicated than dealing with home break-ins for victims. The reasons behind it are simple; the business has to contend with external threats as well as interior threats. Today, I’m giving some tips to rebuild your office security after a break-in:

Call the Police
Most people know that the majority of non-commercial crimes occur at night. If you receive an alarm notification after office hours then don’t attempt to enter the office. And a business owner doesn’t want to walk into their office when a burglar may still be inside. At this situation, call the police and they’ll inspect the building for you.

Fortify All Office Access Point
After break-ins when you are rebuilding your commercial security then fortifying your access point should be your top priority. If your office was broken into, it means there is a defect related to one of the access points in your office. If you leave one access point of your office insecure then it becomes vulnerable to be broken-into again. You may know that many burglars target door and windows so you need to focus most of time and energy on fortifying these points. For this, you can install commercial grade security locks on all door and windows.

Bolster Perimeter Security
You need to bolster perimeter security because it’s the first line of defense against an intruder. If the perimeter of your building is not secure the inside of the building may be compromised. There are many considerations to be made for perimeter security and these considerations make your office more secure. You can install a surveillance camera at vantage points, install a security gate and also invest in security guards for the external access point.

Arrange Your Office for Security
Most of the business owner proceeds in installing a new security system without trying any form of arranging their offices. When your office has suffered a break-in then it might be a clear sign that it’s time to change. For doing this, the business owner will have to take several things into consideration. Arranging your office with security in mind helps you place expensive product, equipment and other things behind the suitable barrier and these barriers could be locked doors and office security safes.

Implement Access Control Measures
Access control is something that every business owner should implement after a break-in. When you implement the access control measures properly, it helps to protect external and internal crimes by separating parts of your office space. You can install keypad door locks because these are an effective access control tool. When you install these kinds of access control locks at all access points of your office building it minimizes the possibility of someone breaking-in easily.

Revamp Security Culture
For reassessing your commercial security after a break-in, you have to implement measures that help to keep your security running. To do this, the security maintenance schedule is the best way and that allows you to regularly assess the way each of your security measure is holding up.

Commercial security requires time and patience to craft. To rebuild your commercial security, the most important thing you can do is learn from your past mistakes and also take the time to see what went wrong and that you can rebuild it again. Consult a professional for lock installation, lock replacement in OKC and other related aspects that can help you in times of urgency. Triple C Locksmith is one such name that has the team, skill, equipment and knowledge in providing you with most effective, prompt and affordable solution for your commercial premise security needs.

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