June 4, 2019

How House Keys and Car Keys are Different from Each Other

Keys are very small things but still play an important role in keeping your home, car and other things safe. They may be widely similar, but for different purposes their functionalities are different, and therefore a house and car key is not the same. Throughout years, a house and car key have continually evolved to keep you safe.

Now, we’re going to talk about how house keys and car keys different from each other:

House Key and Car Key Design
First, you take a look at your house keys and car keys and see if anything is different between them or not. Mainly house keys are one-sided, whereas car keys are both sided and the top and bottom of the car keys have grooves and teeth and house keys only have them on one.

Simple: When you insert your house keys, in many cases, you’ll be able to see what you’re doing and be able to get the right side and line it up perfectly the first time.

Whereas, the ignition of car keys are much harder with keys and therefore car manufacturers started producing car keys with grooves on the top and bottom and so that locks would accept keys cut in this manner.

The more complex locking systems are harder to break, that results in a lock that’s better at protecting your home and car. The features of car lock at both the top and the bottom make more formidable foe for lock pickers.

While most house keys only have grooves on one side that makes picking them an easier prospect.

Security Features
It’s not just car key keeping your vehicle safe, the vast majority of modern car keys come with more advanced security features. Now, car keys come with little microchips that are built-in and these chips talk to your car to emit a unique code.

Your car always needs this code to start the engine and unlock the door; and without the code, your car engine won’t start, even if the key of your car if fitted in.

However, very few house keys come with these features and now, digital and smart keys are starting to gain ground, but the majority of house keys are still planned in old metal noting style.

Take a Professional’s Help for Both House and Car Keys
If you have run into trouble with your car keys and house keys then you can trust a professional locksmith to get you out of problem. A professional locksmith provides quality service for residential and auto locking problems alike.

A professional locksmith has lots of experience, and for them it doesn’t matter what the problem is; they would come to you with on the spot fixes, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind. A considerable aspect for taking professional locksmith’s is that can provide you with valuable and insightful guidance on how to select your car and house keys and what locking mechanism best fits your requirement.

So, don’t go anywhere to solve your problem; call a professional locksmith when any type of residential and auto locking problem arises, because a professional residential and automotive locksmith in OKC, like Triple C Locksmith will provide best services to you. The leading skilled and experienced locksmiths in the region render complete service assistance and consultation, 24/7, helping you for your entire requirements.

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