February 3, 2019

How You Need To Tackle Car Ignition Problems with These Tips

Your car is an important asset for you. What would you do if something happens with a certain function like an ignition system that leaves you stranded in the middle of the road? How you are going to handle the problem at hand and get your car running again?

Car’s ignition is by far the most important part as it helps to start the engine. Usually you wouldn’t pay much attention to it but when any malfunctioning happens to it you won’t be able to start your vehicle. There are multiple problems that can happen with your car’s ignition and if they are serious or you have no knowledge then you would definitely need immediate assistance of a professional automotive locksmith in OKC. Here we list down these key car ignition issues and what you should do:

Broken Key inside the Ignition Switch
One of the most common issues car owners face, having a broken key inside the ignition needs two step recoveries – removing of key from the switch and replacement with a spare or duplicate key. This is a condition which requires assistance of a professional locksmith and more often than not in an emergency.

Worn Out Key
Many a times the problem isn’t with the ignition switch but with the car key itself. An old key gets worn out which causes the edge to round off leading to problems. If you are facing such an issue then it is better to use the spare keys or make another set of car keys in OKC calling out a professional locksmith.

Keys Get Stuck
This issue may be caused due to binding in the steering column. You can be able to remove the key by shaking the steering wheel side to side until you can sense the ‘click’ that helps you get your key out conveniently. If it doesn’t help then you may need to call a professional steering wheel repair technician.

Keys Don’t Turn Inside Ignition
You insert your keys inside the ignition and it doesn’t turn. This is another condition caused by binding column lock and ignition switch and jiggling steering wheel back and forth may help you loosen it and find the solution. If the problem remains when you have straightened up the wheel, the switch may be sticking. This can be solved using a lubricant to loosen up the switch.

Malfunctioned Transponder
A transponder allows the hidden receivers near the ignition switch to communicate with the car keys. A malfunctioned transponder hampers this communication and therefore the car won’t identify the key making it impossible to start the car. Call a professional locksmith in this situation who will reprogram the transponder to resolve the issue.

These are the most common issues you could face with your car ignition system and most of the times it requires a professional to address the problem and fix it. If you are facing such an issue with your car in OKC or want to get more information how to keep your ignition working fine, contact CCC Locksmith, the professional automotive locksmith in OKC offering full-range service and consultation.

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