May 8, 2019

Is the Use of Fake Signs & Security Cameras for Home Protection

In your main door, you put up a warning sign saying that there is security camera in use and visitors should beware of the dog; then you go outside from your home at night having peace of mind that your home is safeguarded from burglars. But when you come back to your home and you look at your door and see that the locks are broken and someone has burgled your home.

Therefore, a fake sign and a guard dog is not enough to prevent a burglary. That means that all these fake security cameras are absolutely not worthy of your attention.

Why Most People End up Getting Dummy Security Cameras?
CCTV is one of the best things to secure your home from burglars and the system of CCTV really works. It does not only provide footage in the case you need that but act as the thief deterrent. With so many high-security system CCTVs available in the market, you can take it to secure your home. Because burglars prefer to target and hit those homes that are not guarded. The drawback of the real thing is the price tag, but if you need a good security system for your property then you need to pay a considerable amount of money. The expense for the security camera is definitely worth it.

Are Fake Security Cameras Any Good?
All people want to keep burglars away from their house, but the question is whether or not a fake CCTV camera system will fool the burglars.

There are some advantages when you buy a fake security camera, that is:

You can easily install the fake security camera in your home.
It is cheaper than a real security camera.
They might succeed to fool some thieves.
Fake security camera is better than doing nothing at all.

You can find dummy cameras in all sizes, shapes, and styles. And most of them zoom or turn like the real thing. They have a red light flashing to indicate that the property is protected. But, these features don’t substitute the real things and the right light is often missing from a real security camera. A dummy camera doesn’t follow the movement of the intruders but just turn. And there are some drawbacks of the fake CCTV installation:

An experienced burglar knows the difference between a fake camera and a real one.
When a burglary happens, they have no footage and evidence against the burglar.
You know, they will not really protect you; they will not give you peace of mind.

Security Camera is not enough to safeguard your home:
CCTV security systems are excellent but only when they are combined with high-security locks. Therefore, it is pointless to invest in expensive real cameras if you have not installed strong deadbolt locks first. At least be sure that the door locks will resist the forced entry.

Overall, if you are having a real camera and warning signs that speak the truth, it is definitely better than getting a dummy product. If you can’t afford them, then invest in the best possible high-security door locks, install an alarm system, get motion lights or at least take one step at a time to completely secure your home. So, you now know why call a locksmith and get the insightful tips and assistance to secure your home. Triple C Locksmith is a professional firm that provides reliable guide and service to help keep your home safe and secured.

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