July 19, 2019

Locksmith in OKC for Garage Door Locksmith Services

Lock bumping has been getting a lot of attention. There are many homes that still use a cylinder lock as a main source of security, but these locks are easily compromised with a few basic tools. There is a technique known as lock bumping that is a big security concern when it comes to bypassing the cylinder locks.

With the help of a screwdriver, a burglar can easily bump a lock. The bump key required to accomplish this is simple to acquire and this technique also doesn’t require any special skill and allow the burglars to enter your home without any forced entry.

The History of Lock Bumping
Lock bumping is a technique that had been used by locksmiths when they needed to assess a lock without the key, but for the most of the time it was not a criminal technique. Lock picking is a technique that takes time and requires specialized tools and technique. On the other hand, lock bumping is quick and relatively quiet.

The Bump Key
A bump key is required for lock bumping and the key must be the appropriate size for the lock and the other requirement is that each edge of a key is cut to maximum depth. These keys take a few minutes to make and they are easy to produce and acquire.

Lock Bumping Concern as a Security Threat
Lock bumping doesn’t leave the sign of forced entry and also works normally afterward. If a break-in is verified, the lack of visible signs doesn’t mean that the lock bumping method was used. There are many break-ins that don’t show the signs of forced entry and many of the break-ins happen when burglar gain entry through an unlock door or window or use a duplicate key for opening the door. Difficult to quantify, lock bumping shouldn’t be discounted as a serious threat.

To prevent lock pumping you’ll need a strong lock and additional security measures. There are some things that can help you secure your home from break-ins using the lock bumping method:

* Add Chain Latches To the Exterior Door
A chain Latch is the added security measure for your exterior door. Chain latches don’t affect the susceptibility of your lock to bumping, but it provides additional barriers that a burglar needs to bypass to gain entry in your home.

* Have a Locksmith Amend Your Existing Locks and Deadbolts
A locksmith can modify your existing door locks and deadbolts by adding the additional pins to them. It doesn’t make your lock immune to lock bumping, but it does make the process more difficult. This process is generally most cost-effective than lock replacement.

* Get Bump Resistant Lock in Place of Existing Door Lock
There are many bump-resistant locks available in the market that you can install on your exterior door to secure your home from lock bumping.

* Install a Home Security System
A home security system is a great option for securing your home. There are many types of security system that you can install such as a security camera, alarm and much more.

Lock bumping is a genuine concern; your first priority should be ensuring that all the door and windows of your home are locked at night and when you are not home. When you secure your home in the most basic way then you need to consider a way that makes your exterior defense stronger. For this, talk to a quality, skilled and professional residential Locksmith in OKC for garage door locksmith services and other aspects of locksmith and home security to improve the overall security and safety of your home.

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