July 2, 2019

Locksmith in OKC for Lock Change Service

If you are a business owner then balancing security with employee access is important to mitigate potential loss and security risks. This can sometime be easier said than done and can leave you frustrated or with a compromise with your security. The master key system is a great solution to this problem and can be used as a support for all access control protocol.

What is a Master Key System?
The master key system is a security system that’s created to provide access to different parts of your building and by using a master key system building administers are able to dole out keys to employees and guarantee limited access to certain individuals. It’s a great way to secure security to areas of commercial buildings that only the building management has approved.

Master key system is composed of several locks that may be operated through several specific keys, but these locks may also be accessed through a certain key that’s known as master key and the most master key system devised by commercial locksmith companies are composed of a change key or servant key, maintenance key, master key, sub-master key, principal key and usually known as grand master key.

There are some benefits of using a master key system in the commercial buildings:

Enhanced Level of Convenience with a Master Key System
You know that there are numerous lockable doors in one office building and that can be a burden if you happen to be an owner and manager in charge. But, you can have one key that can essentially open every locked door in your office building and you will also not have to search out the right key every time to enter a specific room or other parts of your office building.

Improved Level of Security for the Building
You may not want every person having access to every area and the keys and locks you have in place are a huge part of overall security levels. But with a master key system, you can grant a master key to only entrusted person that should have it and everyone else will only have access to rooms and spaces that they have a key to access. You can design a master key system that will open a certain set of doors if you choose.

Increased Controls of the Locks and Keys Within Your Business
Having a master key and lock system for office building means that making duplicate keys is not an easy thing and it will only have to be done through a trained and professional locksmith that has knowledge about how a master lock and key system works. If you are having this system in your office building then you’ll have greater control over the keys, because a master key cannot be easily duplicated by a regular technician at a hardware store. Your office building is also safe from intruders and break-in.

Master key systems are ideal for a wide range of commercial properties, from offices to commercial buildings, hotels, retail stores, apartments and so on. If you want to know more about master keys and their functions to enhance your office building security then contact Triple C Locksmith, a commercial locksmith in OKC for lock change service, who will provide you with insightful knowledge, security assessment , and comprehensive services regarding your building locks.

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