March 26, 2019

Locksmith in OKC for Semi-Trucks, Cars, Homes and Commercial Properties

You are locked out of your home and now you wish that if you had a spare key with you. Your car key gets damaged and with no spare key you are stranded and getting late for that important meeting. These are only a few of the situations when having a second or spare key becomes a high necessity for you.

For anyone, a key is simply a key that you only look after when in need. And when things are getting done with the primary key, you may put your spare key away and forget about that. The spare key becomes needful only when you are in a dire situation. During such times you become obvious of the importance of the spare key and why it was created and given to you in the first place. While having a spare key is important, hiding it safely in a place where you can turn to access it during critical times is also vital.

Hiding the spare key under the welcome doormat may sound easy for you to use in house lockout situation or when the keys aren’t working, but it also involves risk of someone else getting access to it. Therefore, it is important to not only have a spare key but also hiding it discreetly in a place where no one else can gain access to. Here, we provide you with some smart ideas for hiding spare keys:

With a Friend or Family Member
Nothing is best than keeping your key with a friend or family whom you can call in emergencies to arrive at your spot with the key.

Bury the Key
This is a great option and one that if away from any risk unless you tell someone or if someone has seen you burying the key. Keep the key buried in your yard, placed in a plastic bottle to avoid rusting. Make sure the burying place is away from the front door. You can also put it under meter box or inside dryer vent or so.

Keep it in Birdhouse
Do you have a birdhouse? Then it is a perfect place to keep the spare key, without inviting any attention from a thief.

Under Dog’s House
Similarly, the dog’s house can also be put to great use for keeping your key hidden. Place the spare key under the dog house. And it is all the more safe, because burglars like to keep away from dog’s house so as to avoid any attention to their activity.

Keep Car Spare Key Hidden Under the Car
Use a magnetic box, put the spare key of your car inside it and tuck it away under the car’s bumper. Make sure it is placed in an unsuspecting place that also needs a key or other method to unlock. You can also discreetly put the metal cut car key onto the bolt behind license place by unscrewing it.

Following these methods will certainly help you keep your spare key properly and safely from where you can access it immediately during emergency times. And if you want to go one step further into security, you can just ditch the key system and go with keyless entry systems for your home or office premise.

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