June 13, 2019

Professional and Highly Skilled Residential Locksmith in OKC

A professional locksmith has a great diversity of tool and procedure in order to complete the job they’re hired to do. Among them, we can mention some simple and advanced lock picking tools and procedures that are used for bypassing pins and tumbler lock.

Lock bumping is the name of one of these methods and it’s a technique that relies on a special key called bump key. And for your knowledge, this is a method that many burglars use to open properties and carry out illegal activities. This bump key is able to defect conventional pin and tumbler door locks. This technique was originally created for legal tumbler key bypassing but some use it to serve their own purposes.

Here, we detail about this technique and what steps you can take to protect your lock against bumping:

How Does Lock Bumping Work?
Lock bumping is a technique that works on the simple physics and it has a special cut key. With the help of a simple object, the key needs to be struck or bumped. The energy that will be created from the powerful impact will force the pins inside the lock to reach the area above the shear line and it’ll turn and make the lock open on-the-spot.

Lock Bumping Prevention Secrets
Always keep in mind that state laws clearly prohibit the selling of any locksmith device to anyone other than a professional. It should make more difficult for a criminal to get these types of keys to harm you.

The internet has also allowed the key bumping technique to be made available to a wide audience. There are many companies that have started to sell the bump keys online; it means anyone with criminal intention and connection to the internet can easily access the technology and buy the tools to break into your home without too much hassle.

Below, I’m giving some ways for keeping you, your family, your home and your valuable things protected against lock bumping.

  • You can install a lock that provides protection against bumping and for this you can talk to a professional locksmith in your area that will give you a few of the most reliable anti-lock bumping solutions. Today, there are many modern locks available i.e. electronic, smart and high-security locks. There are also many brands that offer locks with anti-bumping features.
  • Another thing you can do is contact a locksmith to install special pins that’ll make the burglar’s work more difficult and it’ll take a longer time to pick the lock. No burglar wants to risk spending a lot of time in the afternoon or in the middle of the night opening just the front lock. So, you can say this solution is a smart deterrent against threats.
  • To beef-up security of your lock, you can also install a bump-proof deadbolt in addition to your existing lock. You can also use smart keys that also enhance protection against bumping attempt.
  • It is also one of the best ideas that you can replace your regular residential lock with a light commercial lock because these locks are difficult to pick and also handle the bumping well.

The above are very helpful for you and your home and you can follow them to protect your lock being bumped. Triple C Locksmith is a professional and highly skilled residential locksmith in OKC that can help you beef-up security of your home and implement prevention steps that makes your property more secured.

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