January 3, 2019

What are the Different Kinds of Locksmith Services Specialists Provide?

A locksmith is not just limited to opening locks and making key copies, but performs a wide number of tasks. From everyday lock and key situations to installing and servicing access systems, high-tech digital locks, car transponder keys, remote keys, and much more, a locksmith has a lot on their palate to cater to.

There are multiple locksmith service areas, which are basically categorised into 4 as detailed below:

Residential Locksmith
Any lock, key, entry and security system pertaining to your home and residential property is what residential locksmith service relates to. The most common of the locksmith service, it includes tending to basic lock opening, key duplication to sophisticated deadbolts, padlocks, advanced security systems and much more.

A residential locksmith offers complete service support from lock installation to lock repair, replacement, re-keying of locks, key duplication, unlocking of doors, safe locks, garage door lock installation, repair and replacement, burglary repair and lock replacement, window locks, mail box locks and keys and much more. Residential locksmith covers all types of properties, whether it is an apartment, a country house, or any other type of residential property.

Commercial Locksmith
Any commercial building has multitudes of entry systems, lock systems, safe locks, access systems, keyless entry systems and more. The commercial locksmith service pertains to every task associated with such types of locks and security systems from installation to repair, replacement, upgrade, emergency lockout and more in an office complex, retail store, industrial premise, and so.

Whether it is a business premise and office where an access system needs to be installed, need specific key-card entry systems installed or repaired, or if you have locked yourself out of your office, or want to upgrade locks concerning your safes, file cabinets, you call a specialist commercial locksmith. As residential and commercial lock systems are not same, specially trained and qualified commercial locksmiths are best suitable to handle such requirements.

Automotive Locksmith
Just like our home and commercial premise, our vehicles are also operated with a key and lock system and this is where auto locksmiths come into picture. You may lose your car keys, or get locked out of car with keys inside the car, or your transponder key stops working or remote key stops fails, when you your only assistance is in the form of a auto locksmith who are trained in order to handle lock and key systems of different makes and models of car, trucks, and other vehicles.

Emergency Locksmith
What will you do if you come home after work at night only to find that you do not have the key and are locked out now with nowhere to go? How will you get back in your car, if you are locked out and the keys are inside the car? How would you react when you reach your office and realise that you don’t have the keys to open the door and get in? These are just a few of the situations when you need a locksmith assistance and fast, immediately. The emergency locksmiths provide onsite and fast assistance to help with your lock and key problem and provide the resolution that you require in instant.

They keep ready equipped with all the emergency tools to dispatch for the site upon the emergency call and arrive at the customer’s call at the minimum time. What makes emergency locksmith so reliable is that this type of service is provided 24/7 and on weekends and holidays as well. Whether you want a burglary repair in instant, or have a jammed door that you want opened up quickly, an emergency locksmith is always ready to cater to your service need.

These are the 4 key locksmith services in OKC that you must be aware of and must contact the right service provider specific to your need. Having a locksmith that provides all locksmith services is a much better option to find the right solution with a single call.

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